About Us

Bosom Buddies was founded in 1995 by Shirley Fitzgerald (and a number of other friends all of whom had experienced breast cancer) to support a friend who had been newly diagnosed and about to start her breast cancer treatment.

Today Bosom Buddies ACT Inc is a charitable organisation of volunteers who provide personal support to breast cancer patients and their families and supporters in the ACT and surrounding region.

All our volunteers have experienced breast cancer personally or through loved ones.

The Bosom Buddies team of volunteers are committed to providing support to every person in our community who is going through the breast cancer treatment by:

  • Providing support to those newly diagnosed with breast cancer and offering them a volunteer who can be their ‘buddy’ and assist them and their families though the challenges presented throughout the treatment.
  • Providing social activities and events for fun and for ongoing sharing and support for members and their guests.
  • Staying in touch through a newsletter, regular emails and Facebook.

Bosom Buddies also undertakes a wider role in the community and activities that provide benefits to those who are undergoing treatment:

  • Blue Buddies. Through the breast care nurses or your oncologist we provide patients with a blue Bosom Buddies bag or oncology pack which contains various patients’ aids and information.  The aids include a support pillow (made by Zonta) and a bag to hold their drains made by Bosom Buddies volunteers. Our Support Team members coordinate and pack the bags.
  • Raising awareness in the community. Bosom Buddies runs a Breast Awareness program designed to raise awareness about breast cancer, promote the ‘early detection’ message, educate people on the need to check often and explain how to detect anything unusual. We do this through presentations and through community events initiated by Bosom Buddies and/or BreastScreen ACT. Bosom Buddies also produces a unique water-proof shower tag that provides information on how to check and acts as a reminder.
  • Advocating for improved services and treatment in our region and acting as a voice in the community on issues related to breast cancer. Members are also on various committees and reference groups to ensure breast cancer patients are well represented.
  • Fundraising. Another major activity for Bosom Buddies volunteers is fundraising. Raising funds to keep Bosom Buddies going is a continuous challenge as we do not receive funding from governments or national cancer or breast cancer organisations.
  • Providing funds for better services in the ACT (when possible). [find out more]