our advocacy

Bosom Buddies ACT inc is also concerned with the level of treatment and services provided in the ACT. It has members who take on the task to advocate for improved treatment and services on behalf of those with breast cancer. We seek to meet with government ministers and officials on matters of concern.

As well, some of our members are active representatives on organisations and committees that are focused on health care, breast cancer research, early detection, treatment and support. Some of the committees are:

  • BreastScreenACT Consumer Focus Group,
  • Breast Cancer Treatment Group,
  • Health Care Consumers Association (HCCA).

We also work collaboratively with the local chapters of national breast cancer organisations including:

  • Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA)
  • Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF)
  • Dragons Abreast Canberra

our contributions to better services

In addition to ongoing support for individual breast cancer patients and their supporters, since 2001, Bosom Buddies ACT Inc has contributed to the betterment of breast cancer treatment in many other ways. The Bosom Buddies Fellowship was created to provide funding grants for the support of unique services or research and improved treatment and services in our community.

Unfortunately the Fellowship is currently in suspension due to lack of funds.

Fellowship contributions since 2001 from monies raised through the efforts of our volunteers and members and have been donated for the following:

Item Recipient Amount
Lymphoedema Laser Machine Calvary Hospital $24000.00
Digital Camera Lymphoedema Clinic at Calvary Hospital $700.00
Refurbishment of two rooms Canberra Hospital Oncology Unit $12000.00
Oncology Research Project to Improve Patient Services The Canberra Hospital $3000.00
Assistance with publication of scientific paper Breast Cancer Treatment Group $5000.00
Patient kimonos for the mammography department BreastScreen ACT $2000.00
Visual Light Panels to relax radiation patients The Canberra Hospital $6500.00
Seed funding to establish HeadsUp (Initial Stock) Heads Up @ Calvary $2000.00
Grants to SBCN to attend the National Breast Cancer Nurses conferences (3 years) Specialist Breast Care Nurses $2000.00
(as above) (as above) $1000.00
(as above) (as above) $2000.00
Research Officer for data collection and assessment project. ACT / NSW Breast Cancer Treatment Group $3866.00


Formal Relationships with Hospitals

Bosom Buddies ACT has Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with Calvary Public Hospital Bruce ACT