Our Sponsors and Ongoing Supporters

Bosom Buddies would not exist without its Sponsors and supporters because it does not receive any funding from governments or national cancer or breast cancer organisations.

Local businesses, organisations and individuals have assisted Bosom Buddies over the last few years fall into a number of categories:

  • Supporting organisations that help with fundraising by organising an event – often this is one-off fundraising.
  • Local businesses that provide funding support or sponsorship through repeat support of funding
  • Local businesses that provide support in kind by offering good or services for reduced prices or free.
  • Individuals that make a donation to us

If you want to fundraise, support, sponsor or donate – please click here to contact the Bosom Buddies Office.

Many businesses have provided in kind support to Bosom Buddies over the last few years. This support has been much appreciated as it has made a huge difference to our running costs. [find out more]

In 2016-2017 many local organisations decided to give the funds they raise for charity to Bosom Buddies. This resulted in donations of $100s and in a few cases $1,000s. [find out more]

Some businesses and organisations have provided funding support to Bosom Buddies for specific purposes such as: to produce materials, brochures and shower tags, or purchase office equipment and pay for other one off expenses. [find out more]