our vision and purpose

To maintain our commitment to this community, Bosom Buddies seeks to:

  • Widen Support that is available to those experiencing breast cancer – in particular, helping to ensure that the number of breast care nurses in the ACT increases, as well as providing where possible financial support to eligible projects. To do this, Bosom Buddies will need to continue to build networks and opportunities to advocate on behalf of all breast cancer patients and their families.
  • Nurture the Culture of Inclusion by strengthening our capacity to care and build nurturing relationships with new patients as well as those who are well along in their treatment. Continue to build Bosom Buddies as a vehicle to connect people to local networks and reach out to a wider circle to ensure that Bosom Buddies is relevant to women and men of all ages.
  • Strengthen Awareness of Breast Cancer by increasing the reach of the Bosom Buddies Breast Awareness program in ACT schools, public sector, commercial and not-for-profit organisations. Seek other opportunities to share information and provide practical advice and options to those experiencing breast cancer including men. To do this, Bosom Buddies will need to enhance its capacity to gather and update information and to disseminate it.
  • Secure Ongoing Funding. As Bosom Buddies does not receive funding from governments nor other breast cancer organisations, it needs to attract ongoing community support by way of donations, fundraising opportunities and sponsorships. In turn, Bosom Buddies needs to increase its profile as an important provider in the local community with a clear, shared story that can be readily communicated and ensure all fund-raising activities will enhance its profile and reach.
  • Build a Sustainable Organisation. As a grass roots, local organisation of people who have experienced breast cancer and their supporters, Bosom Buddies has developed a more structured approach to delivering its assistance by developing a sound set of governance rules for planning and financial management that provide a high degree of confidence in its activities. Subcommittees now focus on five areas: Education and Support (including patient support and community awareness), Volunteers, Events, Advocacy, and Fundraising.

what do we value?

As a group of volunteers, we regard the following characteristics as important:

  • Inclusion – we build close friendships and maintain a culture of camaraderie and fellowship that embraces each person who seeks our help;
  • Personal Support – we provide support and help through one-to-one approaches that meet the needs of each person;
  • Hope – we encourage everyone experiencing breast cancer to ‘live a little each day’ and present the face of experience to the community;
  • Local Base – as a grass roots organisation, we seek to involve our local community and our efforts are for the local community.