The BB Story

Bosom Buddies was founded in 1995 by Shirley Fitzgerald (and a number of other friends all of whom had experienced breast cancer) to support a friend who had been newly diagnosed and about to start her breast cancer treatment.

Slowly that group of friends has developed into Bosom Buddies ACT Inc a unique organisation staffed by volunteers that focus of providing support to all those in the ACT region that are touched by Breast Cancer.

Bosom Buddies now has a trained group of women – all of whom have experienced breast cancer – that form the Bosom Buddies Support Team to work closely with the hospital based breast care nurses to provide hands-on support to those going through treatment and their families.

The Team also meets up with patients after they leave hospital and offers a ‘buddy’ to help them through treatment.

Other volunteers provide time to doing many other activities. [find out more]