Become a BB Volunteer

If you come to feel you want to get involved with a like-minded group, or give back, or help other women, or want to be an advocate in the community, or just have fun with a bunch of terrific women, consider volunteering.

Have a look at our Newsletters to see what we have been doing over the past year. The choice is wide and varied and you can weigh up the following options where you can spend just a little time or a lot, whatever suits your needs:

  • You can help with our stalls giving out information and fundraising.
  • You can get involved organising our activities, like helping at one of our major dinners or other events such as a Blue Illusion fashion evening. Or you can simply attend our monthly morning teas at Coffee Guru in Mawson or evening gatherings at Tilly’s in Lyneham.
  • You can give presentations about our work or about how to be breast aware (we’ll provide you with presentation notes and training).
  • You can become a member of the Management Committee that oversees our policies, schedules, administration and budget.
  • You can become a member of the Hospital Visiting and Support Team and become a buddy to new patients, being with them while they undergo treatment.

Opportunities and events are usually announced through our broadcast emails to members and in our quarterly Newsletters.

Let us know of your interest by contacting us at the Bosom Buddies office, and we will contact you about your involvement. Or just come to a social event and let us know you would like to take part.

Join the Hospital Visiting and Support Team

If you have completed your treatment two years ago, why not consider joining our friendly team of support volunteers– the Hospital Visiting and Support Team. They provide support in many ways to those diagnosed with breast cancer, their families and friends and work closely with the Specialist Breast Care Nurses based at Calvary Bruce.

The coordinators, Kaye Johnston and Marilyn Ward, are always looking for more volunteers, especially amongst our younger members. We always try to match people who are in a similar situation and age group so it would be wonderful to have a few younger women who could connect with other younger ones who are in need of support. Even if you would only have the time to make occasional phone calls to someone who just needs to chat, we would love you to join our support team.
Note: It is preferable that our support volunteers have been out of treatment for about two years or more.

The Hospital Visiting and Support Team visit patients in hospital before or after surgery and provide ongoing support once the patients have gone home. Different people have different needs and we try to accommodate every request. Some people just want someone to talk to as soon as they are diagnosed and before going into hospital. Others might seek one-off support after surgery and during other treatment while some want support for a lot longer.

Those who join the Hospital Visiting and Support Team are required by the hospitals to undergo a and attend training conducted by each hospital. The Hospital Visiting and Support Team meet regularly over lunch to exchange views and support each other.

If you are interested or would like more information please contact the Bosom Buddies office by phone or email OR if you would like the opportunity to meet other volunteers come along to one of the next monthly events: morning tea at Coffee Guru in Mawson or the evening at Tilley’s in Lyneham.