Newly Diagnosed

Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer? Has someone you care about been diagnosed? Bosom Buddies volunteers would like to help.

If you have questions, want to talk to someone who has experienced breast cancer, or would like personal support, call Bosom Buddies and we will arrange for one of our trained volunteers to talk to you. Our patient support volunteers have all experienced breast cancer and have been hospital trained

You can call or email our office on 0406 376 500 or you can talk to one of the ACT Specialist Breast Care Nurses. Our volunteers work with the Specialist Breast Care Nurses.

Our volunteers can:

  • answer some of your questions or help direct you to where you will find the answers.
  • provide living examples of how to cope with the many facets of your treatment, your journey, your life and your feelings.
  • connect you with other women who are willing to share their experiences with various surgery options, reconstructions, prostheses and the personal impacts of dealing with this disease.
  • share stories, laugh, cry and provide a human touch when the books and procedures seem impersonal.
  • visit you when you are in Calvary hospital for surgery. (The Specialist Breast Care Nurses will arrange this for you)

On this website, you will find links to accurate and appropriate websites for information – see our Useful Links page.

The website has information about upcoming events where you can meet and share with other patients as well as experienced volunteers. [link to be added here]

Sharing, support, fun and laughter are all important elements of your treatment and will help you manage your journey well. That’s why Bosom Buddies ACT inc exists.