How we Help

Our focus is to provide support to all those in this region who are undergoing breast cancer treatment. This may include providing support to family and friends.

Sharing and support

When a woman hears the news that she has breast cancer, she is usually stunned and scared. There are referrals to surgeons, lots of information and important choices to make in very short timeframes.

When this happens to you, you or your family or friends can call Bosom Buddies and a trained volunteer will be made available so that you can ask questions, talk to someone who has been through the experience and able to provide information from a personal perspective, or find out about local resources. Our volunteers can become your ‘buddy’ and provide you with the support you need throughout your treatment.

Support team

This is a group of volunteers who have been trained to provide support to those that are going through breast cancer treatment. The volunteers have all experienced breast cancer and are committed to providing support to all who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

All you have to do is talk with your breast care nurse or medical professional about getting support or just call 0406 376 500 and we will find a volunteer to call you back.

Specialist Breast Care Nurses

While in Hospital for breast surgery, you will meet a Specialist Breast Care Nurse. The Breast Care Nurse will give you a package of information and some post-surgery aids provided by Bosom Buddies and ask you if you would like to talk to a trained Bosom Buddies Volunteer.

As the volunteer is a breast cancer survivor, often they can answer questions and provide information and encouragement, and understandings that is different to that provided by health professionals.

Post-Surgery Aides

Each breast cancer patient receives from her Specialist Breast Care Nurse a Bosom Buddies carry bag. The bag has been packed with information to help the patient through the ongoing journey. As well, inside the bag is a cotton shoulder bag to hold post-surgery drainage tubes and a ‘fluffy duck’ – soft cotton prosthesis to wear right after surgery, and a comfort pillow. These aids are produced by Bosom Buddies and other volunteer groups, and the comfort pillow by the local Zonta group.

Information Sessions

Bosom Buddies also runs information sessions where women can receive information about the support services and activities that are available to them across the ACT and region.

These sessions vary from providing information on exercise, dental care, first aid and nutrition to fertility, genetics and reconstruction.

The sessions also provide an opportunity meet others with similar experiences and form friendships. Bosom Buddies conducts these sessions periodically throughout the year.

Networking and Social Activities

When the intensive treatments end and the frequent attention of doctors and nurses cease, a woman can feel very alone.

During these months women discover the ongoing impacts of diagnosis, surgery, chemo and radiation which may include fatigue, fuzzy thinking, malaise and often depression.

Bosom Buddies understands these impacts and so it holds activities and social events to help provide the fun and laughter and imparts a sense of ‘you’re not alone’– important to the healing process. These include:

  • Monthly morning teas or afternoon drinks
  • Joining other group activities
  • Information Sessions
  • Fundraising stalls
  • Dinners

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Many who feel they would like to be a little more actively involved, volunteer to participate in giving out information at our stalls or help in our fundraising events. It is through all these activities that many of our members build supportive networks that help them in going forward. For more information see our Get Involved page or contact our office.


When you become a Bosom Buddies member, you will receive regular communications through periodic emails, email reminders of upcoming events, and newsletters.

Our website is also designed to provide information and relevant links to other websites or services.